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Updated: Mar 2, 2020


But why?

First, let's start by talking through what HR is not.

When you're in the day-to-day weeds of running a business it can be easy to see Human Resources as either too bureaucratic or impersonal (i.e. Toby from The Office, amiright?) or simply nothing more than administrative paper pushing or policy enforcing. Chances are you've worked somewhere where HR was really just the department you interacted with when you were hired and when you left - and maybe when you had some benefits or ER (employee relations) related questions. But that was it! Rest assured, that is not an effective HR department.

Effective HR is an untapped superpower for most companies, especially Small Businesses. Human Resources is so much more than the "moral police", or the place for benefits, payroll + ER questions. We believe effective HR has the power to level-up your business when HR is valued + utilized as a true Business Partner. Effective HR can positively affect your bottom line - increasing your profits, creating a thriving workplace + empowering your teams to learn + grow with your business. 

As a Small Biz owner, you have an incredible opportunity to handle things well (and legally!) from the very start. Too often entrepreneurs + business leaders are reactive vs. proactive when it comes to HR needs. This can lead to inconsistent business practices, unhealthy work cultures, an interruption in your regularly scheduled biz needs/goals (i.e. affecting profitability) and can leave your small business vulnerable to legal issues with gaps in your policies, employee records or other compliance items.

Whether you have 1 employee or 100+, you don't just need an "HR Rep" - you need an HR business partner with the expertise to work with your business + your talent in the now while also being strategic & planning for your future. And the best part? It doesn't have to cost you an arm & a leg! Here's how an HR Business Partner like empowerHR Consulting can help level-up your small business:

HR for Small Businesses

1) Organizational Strategy

An effective HR Business Partner can work with founders/owners/biz leaders to assess present + future talent (people) needs. This is important strategic work to ensuring the right roles + best talent are in place for the present needs of the business, while also looking ahead to what roles + talent are needed to fuel your future growth. Ensuring you have the best people + the right roles in place from the start will fuel your growth and may also keep you from having to scale back (AKA layoff or terminate) your team because the roles weren't needed after all or you hired the wrong person. You have big dreams for your small business, and empowerHR Consulting will partner with you to help make those dreams a reality.

2) Healthy Workplace Culture

Your business has a culture all its own already - whether you have purposefully created one or not. Do you know if your work culture is healthy, vibrant - and FUN? If you paused, don't know for sure or thought "not really", then your small biz could be in trouble. The current generation of people in the workforce cite work environment/culture as the most important factor when deciding where to work/who to work for. A healthy workplace culture is more than the perks, policies and benefits you offer - although those are important! Is your culture known for treating employees as individuals or as one of several parts in a "machine"? Are new ideas from your teams welcomed, encouraged and implemented or are all decisions made by you/leadership? Does your business make a point to establish + achieve goals as a company, as a team + as individuals? Does your team know who they can talk to if they have any issues or concerns - and do those items get resolved in a healthy way? Does your team trust one another and leadership, or does gossip run rampant? Do you know what people are saying about you or your business to their family/friends and also online? Your workplace culture matters more than you know - contact empowerHR Consulting to get started on bringing health to your small business.

3) Keep Your Small Biz Legal + Compliant

There will always be legal requirements for you to implement in your small business, especially when you have employees. Whether you have 1 employee or 100 or more, there are specific Labor Laws (state + Federal) and OSHA (Occupational Safety + Health Act) requirements you are expected to have in place. If you have a small biz in California, you likely know the laws change regularly and frequently here. It can be MUCH MORE COSTLY to not have an HR Business Partner - the risks associated with hiring, firing, promoting and paying your team increase with each person you hire. Some business owners think their small business won't be audited by the state so putting off HR until it's "absolutely necessary" is safe. Nope - not true. If you have an employee or independent contractor (IC) working for you, you have a higher chance of your employee/IC reporting you directly to the Labor Department if they have any questions or concerns - then this would likely cause an audit of your entire business practices. See how quickly things snowballed there? Get a handle on your HR needs now before they turn into issues - empowerHR Consulting are experts in CA labor law, in addition to having multi-state & international HR expertise for your growing business needs.

So, do you really need Human Resources for your small business? HECK YES! More importantly, you need a strong HR Business Partner with strong business + people skills to help you have the right strategies in place to grow your business. Enter empowerHR Consulting! Learn more about how we can help you level-up your small business by setting up a free call or coffee chat with us - we'd love to meet you!

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