Tackling the HR Needs for your Small-Mid Sized Business

Running a small business in California comes with a whole list of labor law requirements (that are ever changing!), not to mention your desire to make your business a GREAT place to work for your teams. 

Is your business in compliance? Do your team members feel supported?

empowerHR Consulting can help with both!

Whether you need Labor Posters, an employee handbook, policy + procedures, an HRIS/HRMS for your team - or anything in between! - empowerHR will partner with you and create the HR Projects you need to ensure your business is in compliance and your people feel well cared for.

Here is a list of common HR Needs facing small-mid sized businesses - empowerHR will work with you to create custom HR solutions that work specifically for YOUR business + team. Contact us today so we can get started on any of the below for you!

 HR File Audits (i.e. I-9's, employee paperwork etc.)

 Policy Creation (i.e. Time-Off Policy etc)

 New Hire Orientation

 Job Classification - hourly vs salaried

 Engagement Surveys

 Labor Law Posters

Employee Handbooks

Job Descriptions

Employee Relations

HRIS/HRMS + Timekeeping

Performance Management

Independent Contractors (IC's) vs Employees

And More!