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Running a Small Business or Leading a Team is no small feat. When there are customers/clients to tend to, product to create + ship or business goals to hit, often the "people side" and compliance side of business (aka Human Resources/HR) are pushed aside. Neglecting the People aspect of your business can actually hinder your growth + possibly create legal issues down the road. And we don't want that to happen to you!

This is why empowerHR Consulting exists.

empowerHR Consulting is your personal Small Business HR Consultant. We're all about partnering with Small Biz Owners/Business Leaders in the Greater Los Angeles area to help grow your business, grow your teams and keep your business in compliance with ever-changing labor laws. 

With empowerHR as your HR Consultant, you get all the benefits of having a fantastic in-house HR team - but without the added payroll + benefits cost. hitting your bottom line. We call that a Win-Win!


No two businesses or teams are exactly the same, which is exactly why our HR services are customized to fit your needs, your budget + your company culture. empowerHR Consulting is based on relationship - through our relationship with you + listening to your pain points as a small business owner/business leader, we'll create a unique, customized HR Solutions Plan built just for you. 

Check out some of our services below:


Are you a business owner or leader without an internal HR department, or maybe with one which only handles payroll? Need help growing your team but aren't quite sure what position/s would be best now or in the future? Do you need access to an HR expert for questions or pressing concerns as they come up in your business?

Let us guide you!

**Hourly Consulting must be booked for a minimum of

2 hours**


Running a small-mid sized business in California comes with a whole list of labor law requirements. And these requirements are ever changing! Is your business in compliance?

Whether you need Labor Posters, an employee handbook, policy + procedures, an HRIS/HRMS for your team - or anything in between! - empowerHR will partner with you and create the HR Projects you need to ensure your business is in compliance and your people feel well cared for. 


Our On-Site HR Transformation is the best option if you're interested in a full HR overhaul, need someone to work alongside you/your team at the office and would love some culture + team development for your people as well.  

With empowerHR on-site with your small-mid sized business, we'll connect with you + your teams on a regular basis. We'll help your business become not just a good, but a GREAT place to work as we tackle organizational development, building a healthy culture, legal HR requirements, team performance + more. 



When you're ready to grow your team or fill a vacant role, empowerHR can help add the right person to your team. We'll spend time with you to hear your needs for the role & get to know your brand + culture. We'll handle all aspects of the Recruiting process and present only the best possible candidates your way so you can focus on running your business!  


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And surrounding areas!

Los Angeles is huge + we can't list our full coverage...

Contact Us to see if we serve your area!

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